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Wireless Network Assessment

Wireless Network Assessment

New networks demand wireless access points to support the wide range of vendors, devices and connection needs. It is becoming exceedingly uncommon for any operation to rely solely on wired infrastructure, and many deployments are becoming wireless-dominant. The downside of this is that wireless networks often present many more security risks and breach opportunities because of the nature of their simpler access and broader availability. Wireless signals can be sniffed with off-the-shelf hardware and accessed even at a distance, so large areas such as parking lots could be your biggest vulnerability. For this reason, wireless vulnerability tests & assessments are becoming increasingly important to maintaining as secure network.

There are plenty of advanced security controls available for modern WLANs. Network Access Control (NAC), for example, allows you to define security policies that restrict access to your WLAN. It’s a great way to go because devices and users are authorized — a level up from just usernames and passwords. Each authorized device gets a signature so when a user enters the correct credentials from the correct device, the device is authenticated and the user can access the network. Otherwise, they’re locked out. This provides a much higher level of security than wireless network designs that use shared login credentials.

When guest WLAN was segmented from the rest of wired network, WLAN security wasn’t that big of a deal. Unwanted connections were a sap on bandwidth but not a risk to your data. Now that access to your more sensitive business segments is available over WLAN, your wireless network needs stronger (and auditable) controls and authentication protocols.

Our Approach:

ForceOne wireless security specialists have several years of experience assessing wireless infrastructure. When combined with our specialization in the identification of new or previously unknown vulnerabilities, this experience offers the client an opportunity for thorough wireless assessment, including publicly known issues as well as potential problems unique to the client. Vulnerabilities that are not known or well understood publicly are most often the ones used by malicious users and attackers, who target high-value wireless systems such as point of sale and inventory tracking systems for monetary gain and/or privacy infringement