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System Hardening

System Hardening

Hardening of the OS is the act of configuring an OS securely, updating it, creating rules and policies to help govern the system in a secure manner, and removing unnecessary applications and services. This is done to minimize a computer OS's exposure to threats and to mitigate possible risk.

For the security industry, every such attack brings new concerns about the safety of network-based systems. The network is the back door to accessing all kinds of information, whether it is financial, personal or something specific to the security of an operation.

Hardening is a process of securely configuring weak(vulnerability) point of a system like there may be unused port, services or useless software running that may create weak point in your system. these weak point may be used by other's to enter in your system.

Our Approach:

We at ForceOne Security has deep understanding of real world threat and Industry accepted best practices, irrespective of technologies. Our team of experts having vast experience in configuring the system and suggesting the best possible configuration considering client’s business needs and technology exposure.

Our teams work with your existing patch management solution to ensure all critical systems have all critical security patches applied within a timeline that is aligned to the exposure of the systems. We also ensure that the patching mechanisms covers not only the standard operating system patches, but also those that might be applicable to databases and critical endpoint software such as Microsoft Office, Java, Adobe, browsers, etc