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Network and System Configuration Assessment

Network and System Configuration Assessment

A Secure Configuration Audit protects vulnerabilities against sophisticated, targeted long term attacks where hackers gain access to privileged systems and data. Even a zero-day attack has less of a chance resulting in a security breach in a securely configured system. Leading technology advisory firm Gartner, considers configuration hardening an essential defences against targeted attacks.

If any organization security strategy relies solely on installing an anti-virus software with no further checks or training, it is vulnerable to an attack. It’s only a matter of time before organization fall victim to a data breach that puts concerned shareholders at risk for identity theft and your business left to pick up the pieces.

ForceOne security assessments provide you a total picture of your security posture and a plan of attack for improving it.

You may think you’re ready for anything, but what if you’re not? We’ll discover your gaps, threats, and potential headaches before they ever become problems. Because the best defence is an early one.

Our Approach:

Our Experts having knowledge of industry best practices and information on latest security trends. We can help you with not only asses your current system and network configuration but at the same time suggest the industry standard best practices as well as help in configuring the same for you, if needed. We ForceOne Securities shall make sure your IT system configuration should stand firm in event of any security breach and withhold the same.


Choose what you need. Leave what you don’t.

Select any of our standard assessments for your environment, or let us custom-build an assessment based on your needs:

  • Public Security Discovery
  • Cyber-Attack Readiness
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Web Malware Detection
  • Basic Penetration Testing
  • Policy Compliance according to latest security trends and Industry standard practices.
  • Cyber-Forensics Services
  • Black Box Pen Testing