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Mobile Application Security Testing

Mobile Application Security Testing

The competition for mobile users is fierce. Development team must quickly deliver high-quality mobile apps and update them frequently in order to satisfy user expectations. But the need to meet accelerated development deadlines is often at odds with regulatory pressures and the need for adequate mobile app security testing to avoid the risk of a serious breach. Traditional testing solutions have often been time-consuming and difficult to use, leading development teams to cut corners on security testing or to only test code that is written in-house while leaving third-party software components exposed.

We work with real life security problem where our Security expert will try to gain access of your application and test the security resilience of your Application, of course with your due permission. We are not just limited to traditional Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing approach.

Our Approach

  • Decompilation of the installed app
  • Searching for sensitive information hard-coded within the app
  • Verifying the security of locally stored credentials
  • Checking that SSL certificates and signatures are properly validated
  • Discovering insecure use of cryptography for transmitting data or for local storage
  • Source code analysis (if appropriate)
  • Checking that automatic updates do not provide a conduit for attackers to install arbitrary code
  • Verifying all sensitive information is removed after uninstalling the app
  • Looking for unintended transmission of data, such as the user’s phonebook when it is not required

The app testing service also includes testing of the web services used by the app. The following aspects are examined in detail to ensure that the backend servers do not expose customer data to other parties:

  • Server configuration errors
  • Loopholes in server code or scripts
  • Advice on data that could have been exposed due to past errors
  • Testing for known vulnerabilities
  • Reducing the risk and enticement to
  • Advice on fixes and future security plans

Network and System Configuration Assessment services.

A Secure Configuration Audit protects vulnerabilities against sophisticated, targeted long term attacks where hackers gain access to privileged systems and data. Even a zero-day attack has less of a chance resulting in a security breach in a securely configured system. Leading technology advisory firm Gartner, considers configuration hardening an essential defences against targeted attacks.