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Incident Response and Malware Assessment

Incident Response and Malware Assessment

Minimise the impact of a cyber-attack now with our rapid Cyber Incident Response service.Our range of expert cyber security incident response services include defensive, proactive and responsive solutions for any organisation that depends on information and infrastructure security. We offer peace of mind in the face of modern cyber threats through our services and expertise in cyber security domain.

Malware Analysis Service helps protect your business from all types of malware attacks online. We have expertise in malware analysis and reverse engineering supports our research, incident response, and product development. With extensive experience in reverse engineering and malicious code analysis. They have a deep practical and theoretical understanding of tools and tradecraft from across the industry.

Our Approach:

Once an incident has been detected, we’ll help you determine what happened and why through a thorough analysis of the event to answer many vital questions.

How was the attack carried out?

Who was involved?

What type of malware was used?

What happened as a result of the attack?

Is the incident is still occurring?

What type of threat are we faced with?

What needs to be done?

A forensic analysis may be necessary depending on the type of response. This also helps in identifying root cause of the incidence so that mitigation plan can be prepared for further actionable course of action.