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IT Security Policy and Procedures

IT Security Policy and Procedures

Building and managing a security program is an effort that most organizations grow into overtime.The goal is to find a middle ground where companies can responsibly manage the risk that comes with the types of technologies that they choose to deploy.

In establishing the foundation for a security program, companies will usually first designate an employee to be responsible for cybersecurity. It will be this employee who will begin the process of creating a plan to manage their company’s risk through security technologies, auditable work processes, and documented policies and procedures.

A mature security program will require the following policies and procedures:

  • 1. Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
  • 2. Access Control Policy (ACP)
  • 3. Change Management Policy
  • 4. Information Security Policy
  • 5. Incident Response (IR) Policy

  • Our Approach

    We provide services in consulting and developing services related to design IT security policy and procedures which best meet the organization business objective and support them in achieving the same where IT will work as a partner to the business instead of hindrance.