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Firewall Management

Firewall Management

With new and complex data security threats impacting your perimeter every day, it critical to monitor, manage and update security policies across your firewall on a continuous basis. Organizations also need to monitor their networks and firewalls at all times to identify and contain malicious activities. These activities require significant technology skills and 24X7 resource availability.

ForceOne Securities Managed Firewall service is an integrated offering for firewalls and UTMs that includes appliance, hosting and management. Through the service, Netmagic helps organizations deploy an optimal level of network security while lowering TCO. Our certified security analysts perform management of security policies and protocols to identify to safeguard the access control issues across networks, hosts, applications and databases.

We provide end-to-end operational ownership of the firewall throughout the asset life-cycle. Services include:

  • Dedicated and Virtual firewall options
  • High availability and load balancing features
  • 24X7 monitoring of customer facilities, including security event and appliance health monitoring
  • System administration, updates, patches and hotfixes
  • Firewall configuration data backup and restore
  • Portal-based analytics and reporting, including access to weekly log files
  • 24X7 support for customer environments through our SOC team.
    • We support an extensive range of firewall applications, including Cisco, Fortinet Palo Alto Networks, and etc.