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Virtual CISO service

Virtual CISO service

A Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) helps organizations to protect their infrastructure, data, people and customers. A vCISO is a top security expert that builds the client organization’s cybersecurity program. The Virtual CISO works with the existing management and technical teams. You may be wondering if your organization needs a vCISO.

How an organization uses its vCISO depends on the business itself. The organization’s structure, products and services, markets and IT context all factor in.

Some companies are content to just sit and wait for problems – but that kind of apathy can be fatalistic.

In most cases, waiting around is a terrible strategy! A Virtual CISO helps a firm to be proactive when initiative counts.

When a company is struggling to implement security, comply with industry regulations, and outpace competitors, a vCISO can help. Virtual CISOs provide guidance and measure the results of the client’s cybersecurity program.

Reading this, you may be wondering if your organization needs a Virtual CISO. Here are some of the things that these top pros can do to help your company toward success and security.

A Virtual CISO: Protect Your Organization

Managing cybersecurity in today’s world is almost indescribably tough. Many business leadership teams, don’t feel up to the challenge, or they understand that outside firepower can enhance a security model.

Most mid-sized firms have some technical personnel or contractors that handle most of the technical needs of security. But who is looking at the big picture of cybersecurity for the organization?

Often this is a CIO, CTO, Chief Compliance Officer or another executive that has a full plate of responsibilities. This executive might not have the bandwidth to cover their enterprise’s cybersecurity program. That gap leads to unnecessary risk!

Other organizations choose to put a mid-level technical manager in charge of security. These folks also have a full-time job. They don’t have the executive presence to influence senior management. They need buy-in for key security programs – especially when there’s a time-sensitive project. It’s not that these people aren’t working hard enough to implement best practices – it’s just that the company doesn’t have the tools that it needs to achieve!

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a senior-level team member. The CISO establishes and maintains an enterprise’s security vision, strategy, and programs. The role ensures information assets and technologies are appropriately protected. Most large organizations have a full-time CISO to handle their cybersecurity needs. Mid-range companies and smaller may not have such a role. Having a non-security expert in charge of security is a recipe for trouble!

ForceOne Virtual CISO is designed to provide below security guidance through:

  • Understanding the organization’s strategy and business environment
  • Providing threat analysis and strategy updates in real-time
  • Anticipating future security and compliance challenges
  • Overseeing mid-level and analyst/engineering teams
  • Discovery, triage, remediation and evaluation of threats

All of this and more contributes to a safer, better positioned corporate vantage point.